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Buy Rolling Papers Online

Why buy rolling papers online? Well, rolling papers are arguably the most important part of any joint (after the weed of course, so choosing the correct paper is vitally important. There are many brands available, with notable examples being Rizla, Raw, OCB and Swan. Each of these manufacturers produces a range of top quality products using a different materials like hemp, rice paper and bamboo. The problem is that your local garage isn’t likely to have the widest selection of products.


There will be no more red-eyed encounters with the shop clerk. Or long walks when you run out of papers during a session. If you are sometimes disorganised you can set up a subscription and receive a monthly bundle. It is also easy to make repeat orders and have them delivered the next day.


If you like the idea of trying new products then you can find a wide variety of brands online. You can order individual products or take advantage of multi-buy offers and bulk purchase options too.

You also have access to other rolling materials like roach, herb grinders and rolling trays at your fingertips. Many of these products make great gifts for pot lovers too.

What Is The Best Brand To Buy?

How2Roll has tried and tested a wide range of papers and it is not easy to separate them on performance. However, it is easy for us to separate them based on preference. If you would like to find out which of these rolling papers we liked best, then have a look at our rolling paper review.