Space Case Grinder

A Space Case grinder is a thing of beauty. The brand makes precision engineered weed grinders using aircraft grade aluminium and they are well-known for quality. For this review we used a four piece grinder in silver. The grinder was road tested for several months before the review was written!

Space Case Grinder Compartments

What Is So Good About Space Case Grinders?

In a world where nothing seems to be built to last any more the space case grinders are offering something pretty unique. With the right care a space case grinder will last a life time. Also, unlike with plastic grinders, there is no chance that you will end up consuming particles of plastic when you are smoking a joint.

You will get properly homogenised flower with a space case. The design is not too different from other multi-compartment grinders on the market. However, one thing that we noticed pretty early on was how sharp the teeth are in this thing. No reviewers were harmed in the making of this review!!


Does the Space Case collect a lot of kief?

The short answer is yes. After a rolling a couple of joints it was clear to see the kief screen working it’s magic! We were really surprised by how quickly it accumulated in the bottom.


What is the Best Thing About The Space Case Grinder We Tested?

Everything – we really love this grinder. It’s easy to see and feel how well-made this grinder is. It does the job it was designed to do perfectly and we cannot ask for any more from this piece of kit!


What Is The Worst Thing About Space Case Grinders?

We love this grinder, but it is not without flaws. That being said it is something to do with how we used it in the first place. Based on our time using it we have one top tip for you – don’t overfill your grinder! If you try to grind too much flower at one time then it will become clogged. This can make it a little stiff when grinding and also when trying to open the compartments! It’s really easy to clean a grinder and we will be writing a guide on how to clean and service weed grinders later on, so watch this space.