The Best Joint Rolling Papers

What makes a great rolling paper? This seems like an easy question to answer! However, there are a few things to consider before working out which joint rolling papers are best… The first thing is what material the rolling papers are made from?

The short answer is ‘paper’. The long answer is more like ‘modern manufacturers have been exploring different materials, such as hemp, bamboo and rice paper, so rolling papers can be made from a few different materials’.

The fact that rolling papers are being made using alternative materials is great for a couple of reasons. Firstly, different materials have different flavour profiles. This means we can enjoy the flavours of weed, without too much taste of rolling paper. Secondly, using materials like hemp and bamboo is far more sustainable than conventional paper materials. This is great for the industry because we all must consider our carbon, water and ecological footprints.


What Makes Rolling Papers Different?

As mentioned above, rolling papers can be made from a range of different materials. This is not the only distinction though, because rolling papers also come in a range of shapes, sizes and different thicknesses. Each brand uses their own specific production processes too, so no two brands of rolling paper are alike.

Many people have a preferred rolling paper brand. Whether this is down to the way a paper feels while rolling, the way it tokes, or just a complete placebo, the paper is crucial to the experience. Despite having a preference, there are definitely times when a specific rolling paper is best suited to the task.


What Are You Rolling?

Is your weed dry and cured, or wet and sticky? Are you rolling herb? If you have ever toked hash or pollen then you will know that they are very different to our beloved buds. These are important considerations when it comes to selecting the ideal rolling material. This is because these different forms of weed have different physical properties, and therefore burn differently. Always consider this when selecting your rolling paper.

How Were The Rolling Papers Tested?

We tested these brands with several different strains of weed (Slap N Tickle – Cannarado Genetics; Blueberry Cheese – Barneys Farm Seeds; Strawberry Sunset – Holy Smoke Seeds). Using different strains allowed for a more robust, albeit subjective comparison of flavour and toke-ability.

Note: Rolling tobacco was used at a ratio of 80:20 (80% weed and 20% tobacco).

Which Brands Did We Test?

Raw Classic Unbleached Rolling Papers
Raw Classic Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers

Raw are a pretty distinctive players on the market. These classic rolling papers have a brown colour because they are unbleached and unrefined. Raw also use a natural organic sugar gum for the glue strip. If you want a natural joint smoking experience then Raw are the most prominent brand. The rolling papers come in a handy pack that includes roach tips made in the same unrefined, unbleached way. We also tested Raw Natural Unrefined Organic Hemp Rolling Papers.


OCB Slim Unbleached Virgin Paper

This is a classic brand of rolling papers. These papers are ultra thin. They have an acacia gum glue strip which makes rolling really easy. OCB have also gone down the unbleached route, meaning these rolling papers also have an off-white colour. The foldable pack includes the precise number of roach tips you need. There is also a QR code that allows you to check the authenticity of your OCB rolling papers.


OCB Rolling Slim Papers - Picture Of A Packet Of OCB Rolling Papers Made From Virgin Paper
Rizla Bamboo

Rizla have tried to move into the space created by the disruptive players like Raw and Elements. The Bamboo rolling papers are an innovative release from Rizla. They use the same arabic gum as with all their other offerings. The papers are very easy to roll with thanks to the grain of the material. The pack came in a folded cardboard box with a roach booklet. This was a bonus!


Rizla Black King Slims

Classic Silver and Blue Rizla are always stocked behind the cashiers desk. The brand is so strong that the word Rizla is synonymous with rolling papers all over the world. The Black Rizla tested here are an ultra thin variety. This means they do not impart too much flavour. However the paper is bleached to give them a white colour. This isn’t a huge negative factor, but it is something to consider if you want a natural toke.


Picture Of Rizla Black Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers - Packet Of Rolling Papers
Elements Ultra Thin Slim Rice Papers - Picture Of Packet Of Elements Rolling Papers
Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers

These ultra thin rice papers are a novel introduction. As is the case with Raw, these papers are unrefined and unbleached. However, the rice paper is bright white. One thing to note with these papers is the fold. Elements have created an off-centre fold to make the rolling process easier. This brand have produced an organic rolling paper with an all-natural sugar gum glue strip. We also tested Elements Slow Burn Hemp Papers Natural Unrefined Organic Hemp Rolling Papers.


So Which Were The Best Joint Rolling Papers?

There was a stand out winner of the rolling papers we tested. This decision was not easy. The winner was chosen for several reasons. The best joint rolling papers have been chosen because they provided the easiest joint rolling experience. They also imparted very little flavour. We could really taste and appreciate the beautiful terpenes of our quality stash.

Elements Rice Paper King Slim Rolling Papers

Elements King Slim Rice Papers were by far the best joint rolling papers out of the various brands we tried. As mentioned above, these papers were the best for rollability and smokeability. We had not encountered Elements papers before. This is because they are sold online, so you can’t just grab them from the local store.

Rolling with these papers is simple. They are perfect for novice and expert rollers. If you are a beginner then check out our joint rolling guide to help you master the basics of rolling. You can purchase rolling papers through our online shop.

The How2Roll reviews are conducted by consenting adults. This team of experienced rolling artisans have tried and tested hundreds of products. The above content is for amusement and entertainment. If you want to buy rolling papers online then you can do so through the online shop.

Elements Perfect Fold Ultra Thin Rice Papers (1.25) 50 Leaves Per Pack, Box of 25 Packs = 1250 Leaves
  • 1 1/4 size rice papers
  • 50 papers per pack, 25 packs per box
  • ultra thin, all natural, pure rice rolling paper
  • there is no chemicals, hemp or pulp in these rolling papers.
  • Patented CrissCross watermark prevents runs