How To Make A Roach

Knowing how to make a roach will transform the joint rolling and toking experience. There are people who prefer not to use a roach in a joint, and roach clips are a great way to avoid the need for a roach if you would prefer not to use one. However, including a roach is good for a number of reasons.

No Lip Burn

Maybe not no lip burn, but a roach will greatly reduce the chances. As you get closer to the end of your joint lip burn becomes likely. This is because the hot cherry gets closer and closer to your lips with every toke. There is a trend for making extra long roaches with some cannabis consumers. This is actually a great way to get a nice joint that is easy to roll and smokes perfectly. Be warned though, you will probably use more rolling papers than normal because there is less space in the rolling paper for weed.

Soggy Ends

Whether you are sharing a joint with friends, or enjoy one to yourself, soggy ends can ruin the taste and toke of what would be a perfect spliff. A good roach gives you something to seal your lips around, which makes it easier to get a good toke. It is also easy to take a lighter to it to dry, without the toking-end of the joint catching fire.

Good Exhaust

When you consider the dynamics of smoking, it makes sense to keep the end of the joint open to allow as much air flow as possible. As you toke one at one end, air must pass through the other end, pulling with it the smoke from the cherry on the burning end. You’re literally sucking fluid through a straw. With this in mind it makes sense to have a structure at one end to allow easy air flow.

Good Roach Material

Not all roaches were created equal. Many rolling paper companies have started selling booklets of perfectly cut filter papers that can be easily formed into a roach. However if you cannot get your hands on a pack of joint filter tips then there are alternatives. Some rolling paper companies use a strip of cardboard inside their packaging. Rizla packets have green card inside and it makes a great roach material.

It is really common to see torn up rolling paper packets. Making a roach out of this cardboard packaging isn’t actually a great idea, as there are inks and dyes added to apply the branding. It is impossible to tell where these packages were stored – if they have been sat on a shelf behind the cashier for a while then the roach could be covered in all sorts of germs. The final point is that the packaging also protects the rolling papers. It is best to leave it in tact, so you don’t end up with dog-eared papers!

The best thing to do is find sheet of unbleached material without any printing or film materials on it. It is really simple to cut roaches with scissors, and doing it yourself is cost-effective, and you can cut them to the perfect size that you like. Cut a whole sheet at a time and stash the roaches!


Folding The Roach Card

Including folds on the inside of your roach greatly reduces the chances that some weed will end up in your mouth. Feedback is what the community calls it when you get some weed or tobacco in your mouth when you toke – there is nothing worse! The folds inside the roach also create a more robust end to a joint. There are also some pretty cool ideas for making instagram worthy roaches too!

Roll It Up

There is a great technique for rolling the roach. Once you have done the folds at one end, it is time to concentrate on the other. Tuck the end of the card tightly into itself without creating any folds as you do so. There are so many ways to start the rolling process once you have things going. The idea is to roll the card into itself to loosen the card a little.

Once you have done this step then let the roach spring back and then re roll the card, but this time with the folds inside the tube. After a few rolls the roach should hold it’s shape and be ready to go.

If you find your roach is too fat for the amount of material in the rolling paper there is a minor tweak that can bring it in line. Just unravel the roach a little and just rip some of the outside and roll it back up again.

This doesn’t quite follow the process, but check out this video of how to roll a roach in 30 seconds!

Where To Find Roach Materials

We have tried and tested many different materials over the years and it is difficult to beat a roach booklet. There is a link if you click here that will take you to the Raw roach booklets we like on Amazon. It was a close call with the elements roach booklets – the material is soft enough to be workable and really holds it’s shape well – if you purchase either of these will get a small commission through the Amazon Affiliates programme, which would be cool!!


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