Perfectly rolled cross joint. Rolled using raw authentic rolling papers.

How To Roll A Cross Joint

Do you want to know how to roll a cross joint? To roll a cross joint you will need to be able to roll a basic straight and also a cone. Don’t worry if you can’t roll a joint yet. You should visit our joint rolling page and learn how to roll one of these first. Assuming you are prepared then read on…

Note – Quantities are for illustrative purposes and should not be used as a guide. You should put as little or as much as you are comfortable with. Always be responsible.

Cross Joint - The Essential Rolling Guide

Materials List: Weed, Tobacco, Rolling Papers, Roach Card, Screw/ Sharp Implement.

The cross joint is made of two joints. The cross part of the joint is generally shorter than the main joint. It must also be thin enough to fit through the main joint – you can make the main joint slightly larger to compensate.


The Cross Part Of The Joint: 

This smaller joint should be rolled without a roach. Aim to roll the joint as flat as possible and distribute the contents evenly throughout the rolling paper. Once rolled, poke each end of the joint and twist the ends. The twists will help you insert the cross into the main joint later.

Pierce a hole in the centre of the joint. Make sure the hole goes through the joint, but be careful not to tear the roll. This step is crucial, as the hole allows you to draw from the roach end once lit. It’s best to use a sharp implement. Avoid using pens as these may contaminate your roll.

Top Tip: Use a 3mm diameter screw to make the hole. Twisting the screw into the rolling paper makes a clean and consistent bore.

How To Roll A Cross Joint

The Main Joint

Roll a joint. Ideally a BIG one. No matter how much weed you put in, it is best to roll a thicker joint that can accommodate the cross part of the joint. The hole for the cross joint should be about three quarters of the way up from the roach end. Where you place your hole will dictate how much smoking time you have before your cross burns out. It can be difficult to get the cross and the main joints to burn out at the same time. This judgement is an art!

Top Tip: Use a 5mm diameter screw to pierce the rolling paper. Twist the screw through the rolling paper and make make sure to get a consistent bore on both sides.

Inserting The Cross Part Of The Joint & Wrapping Up

This part can be fiddly. Make sure that the holes you made in both joints are clear on both sides. You should be able to see daylight through them. We have a video tutorial for rolling a cross joint. Alongside this guide, the video tutorial can help you see how to roll a cross joint and put it together.

Poke the twisted end of the cross part of the joint through the hole in the main joint. Use your fingers to support hole on the side of the rolling paper and pull the cross part of the joint through slightly. Before you set it in position, make sure the hole is aligned with the roach. If you do not do this then there will be no channel for air to flow.

Note: Make sure your hole aligns with the roach.

How To Roll A Cross Joint - Wrapping The Holes

Tear the glue strip from a rolling paper. This is used to wrap the hole to seal the join between the two joints. Once you have your cross joint constructed you need to seal it to make sure you create a good seal. It’s all about creating that trifecta!

Wrap the hole from each side several times. If you do not make sure the joins are properly sealed then your cross joint will not toke. We recommended thoroughly wetting the glue strip and wrapping both sides, top and bottom and back to front…

Now your cross joint is ready to light up, but if you’re anything like us then you may want to take some pictures before you do. For all the expert cross joint rollers out there who want to show off their rolling skills, why not consider customised pin badges to express your personality and hobbies. You can use a cross joint as the basis of your design and add your own ideas to let everyone know you’re an expert roller.

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