The Art Of Rolling

A Brief History Of Rolling

Humans have been burning things for a very long time. Ever since the discovery of fire, mankind has been burning stuff for heat and protection from predators. Later on fire became an important part of rituals and ceremonies. It was also a powerful tool to be harnessed for warfare.

There is all manner of evidence of humans smoking activity in the archeological records. All over the world there have been bongs, pipes and chillums dug up from the ground. Ancient smoking implements have been found dating back as early as 5000BC. Somewhere along the line humans realised different materials burned better than others. Some smell nicer than others too. Whilst there will have been some trial and error, someone realised that burning some materials made them feel different. Sitting around a camp fire is a primitive experience. It is easy to see how you inhale smoke just by proximity.

There is little historical evidence for rolling. This seems fairly obvious because the materials used are burned. Everything that would have been used back then would biodegrade too. There are some cultural phenomenon that suggest rolling does have some history though.


Rolling Techniques For Beginners

In the modern age we have many options when it comes to rolling. However the skill that is required to roll a good joint can only acquired through practice. The rolling guides are designed to help you learn how to roll. It can take a long time, but with patience and dedication you will be able to learn the skill and master the art.

For the beginners we have a joint rolling guideĀ  that includes a list of all the materials you will need to roll a basic joint. You can follow the rolling guide through to the end and practice the techniques. It is important to find your own way of rolling. There are also some additional videos on our Youtube page to help you along.

Advanced Tips and Tricks For Rolling Aficionados

Even experienced rollers can learn new techniques that enhance their experience. This may be learning a new way to make the perfect roach. Or trying a new type of rolling paper or rolling a cross joint for the first time. An open mind is the way! If you want to find ways to get the best out of your stash then you are in the right place.


Find Your Own Rolling Style

Everyone has their own rolling style! There are a lot of people who take great pride in their rolling abilities. However, there are also many people who never even learn how to roll their own joint, let alone a perfect joint. Our rolling masters have collated information to help people learn how to roll. You may be able to roll already – but you could also roll better.

Our mission is to share knowledge and information to help people enjoy their weed. In order to serve our fellow weed consumers, we have created step-by-step guides for all aspects of joint rolling. You can learn how to make perfect roaches, put together Cross Joints, L’s, Tulips and Blunts, and wow your friends with your superior rolling skills.