Chongz Iron Lung Glass Oil Rig Recycler (16cm)


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Buy Chongz Iron Lung Glass Oil Rig Recycler (16cm)

Chongz Iron Lung is made from high-quality glass. This stylish glass oil rig looks great and performs really well. At 16cm it is a compact design. However this little dab rig packs a punch. The ‘Iron Lung’ features a recycler that filters and cools vapours as you inhale to produce a smooth hit. This technology really lets you taste the flavour profile of your concentrates. Chongz have also included a glass dome and nail, which makes this a pretty versatile piece of glassware that’s a must have for any dabbing enthusiast.

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Chongz is the creation of the legendary cannabis enthusiast Tommy Chong. If you are not familiar with Tommy's life and works then rest assured, this person has done a lot for the world of weed over his lifetime. Chongz products are world famous! While the man himself has a reputation for being a legendary stoner, he has also created a wide selection of high-quality products including bongs, grinders, rolling trays and papers. This is what cannabis activism is all about!
Chongz Logo - Tommy Chong Company