Dab Rigs

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Dab Rig

If you want to buy a dab rig online then look no further. Search a range of high quality glassware and find the set up.

There are many variations of in form when it comes to dab rigs. They come in a many different shapes and sizes. Depending on the set up, different dab rigs can each provide a slightly different experience. A simple set up will give a great hit of a cannabis concentrate. However a two chamber percolator will cool and filter the vapour a lot. This gives a smoother and more flavoursome hit.

Starter Dabbing Kits

If you are starting out then why not try one of the beginners kits. It contains everything you need to get going. A dab rig should be made out of high quality material. Glass and quartz are great because they are able to withstand the high temperatures needed to vaporise weed concentrates. If you want to know more about dab rigs and how they are made then check out the dabbing guide for more information.

Custom Dab Rigs

For experienced dabbers there is a wide selection of dab rigs, as well as nails, bangers, pearls and much more. Building your own set up can be a pretty rewarding experience. It is possible to create a totally personal set up that suits your ritual perfectly. If you are interested in building a custom rig then do some research around the physics of dab rigs. There is a lot of science to the perfect set up. If you want to avoid all the heavy reading then just follow the basics and make sure you get the dimensions of your parts right before ordering.

  • Chongz Iron Lung Glass Oil Rig Recycler (16cm)

  • Jaxx USA ‘Frankie Costello’ 38cm Bong/Oil Rig