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Buy Rizla Rolling Papers

Buy Rizla rolling papers online at How2Roll. Rizla is a very prominent brand! It is steeped in French history and has been making papers since the 1600s.. Newcomers like Raw and Elements have really taken the game by storm in recent times. However, Rizla are innovators. They have expanded product ranges and created new lines to keep up with the competition.

Rizla rolling paper offerings include bamboo, rice paper and hemp materials. They have a wide selection of products that all use natural acacia gum for glue strips.

It is also said that the rolling paper company was the first to produce flavoured rolling papers. Rizla liquorice papers are still widely sold today. In 2020 the company also launched menthol and fresh mint papers too.

Which Rizla Are Best?

Everyone has a preference when it comes to rolling paper thickness. Rizla have just about everybody covered. Some papers are better suited to hand-rolled cigarettes than for rolling and smoking joints. However you will easily be able to find a product that you like.

Rizla papers are defined by the colour of the packaging that the papers come in. The colours include red, blue, green, silver, black and so on… They go from ultra thin king size black or silver papers, to smaller and thicker green papers.

Red and Green Rizla

These papers are the same thickness. The only difference is that the greens have corner cut outs, which make it easier to roll. These papers are the heaviest gauge – they are pretty thick. This thickness is good for smoking hash and flower mix because the paper helps the hash burn. However, because there is so much paper, it can really overpower the  taste of bud.

Blue Rizla

These papers are medium gauge. You get the good burn properties of the green and red papers but with so much of the overpowering flavour. Blues come in small, king size and king slim too. They are easy to roll with.

Silver Rizla

The silver packet are among the thinnest papers Rizla offer. There are also  White and Black special edition packs that can often be seen on sale too. All of these Rizlas are ultra thin (but some more thin than others, of course). The idea of thin paper is that it allows the full flavour of the flower to sing.

Try Different Rizla Rolling Papers To See What You Like!

As with many things in life, sometimes it is best to try some things out. For the price of a packet of rolling papers you may just discover something that you like. Don't be scared to try something twice either – with age and experience comes wisdom!

Happy Rolling

Rizla Map Short Nature – 50 Booklets
  • Light weight, light ash.
  • This paper is for the serious roller.
  • high quality